Review The Sims 2

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30 most popular games | How to choose?
The absence of any statistics and research on the sales of video games greatly complicates our task, so we rely on ratings and results, which are published on VGChartz and Wikipedia. The problem is that these resources are taken into account only physical copies, but does not keep records of online sales. In addition, VGChartz doesn’t divide the game in compatibility with operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux. Sometimes it is impossible to tell the difference between the sales for PCs and consoles, because publishers provide incomplete information.

In General, in order to create the most accurate ratings, we researched various publications and charts, discussing the cultural influence of a game. That’s why we started to call this article just rated best sellers (in terms of sales) and prepared a list of the most popular games in alphabetical order so that it looks the least subjective.

We also decided to write about one game from the franchise, so as not to clutter up their rating and consider eventually as many different games. For example, we have not included a rating of The Sims since The Sims 2 has sold far more copies. There are a number of games that have undoubtedly left their mark on history (we are talking about Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto), but they were not included in our list because they were sold far less copies.