The Last of Us game

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Game: The Last of Us
Platform: PS3
Genre: action
Release date: June 14, 2013
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment



Did you know that…The developers put into the game specific “Easter egg”: phones, presented here as “protection from insects”, in the real world are the numbers of “phone sex”.
Actress Ellen page (Ellen Page) in his Twitter said that the main heroine of the game is suspiciously similar to her. Do not lie — the resemblance is really almost portrait. The design of the main character was slightly redesigned, but it’s not too helpful.
The game idea was inspired by one of the previous developments Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2. In one scene, the main character was supposed to explore a large cave paired with another character.

The Last of Us — exclusive project for a gaming platform Sony PlayStation 3, one of the most prominent this year. It would seem, on the theme of post-Apocalypse, generously seasoned with reanimated corpses, already said a lot. But ambitious developers from the Studio Naughty Dog, who gave Uncharted players, the acclaimed game series in the genre of action adventure, once again ready to amaze.Usatyi Nyan

In the center of the story — forty years old man, arms dealer and drug transporting the goods through quarantine, who had promised his dying friend to help the girl-the orphan to get to the safe zone. Two poor Wanderers, fighting desperately for his life among the concrete jungle that has become so dear and familiar world. On the interaction of these two characters will be built the lion’s share of the gameplay. We have already had the misfortune to see the fiasco VectorCell Studios and project Amy, which made a similar attempt to implement complex relationship between an adult and a child in the conditions of aggressive environment. It is hoped that the developers of The Last of Us will turn out better. The game is clash between two different worldviews. On the one hand — our protagonist Joel, silent, austere man, born and grown up before the start of the epidemic, with another — baby Ellie, baby, with interest learners of a perishing world, and remembers nothing about the events preceding the accident. All the heritage now fits on the pages of dusty books Yes on scraps of photographs that awe collects girl. All that unites these two, — the will to survive. Can Joel save the seeds of humanity among feral people? Whether he will be able not only to protect her little companion, but also to show her an example of proper behavior? What he will teach her? And what will be able to teach it? These and many other psychologically delicate issues will come before our heroes during their journey.

In addition to aggressive infected and much more dangerous survivors, and trying to shoot our heroes, the game will appear and quite peaceful minded individual. An example of this is the enigmatic character bill. Developers only slightly lifted the veil of secrecy, and it is not clear whether the bill will be a friend to us. It is possible that as the game progresses his attitude to Joel and Ellie will change. In a good or bad way — more likely to depend on actions.

The old place
Things in General will play an important role. How would you prefer to get one or another episode of the game, depends on the further development of events. Committing an error, we continue the game, taking responsibility for his acts. If we improperly handle ourselves with the bandits, they are, for example, can burn the desired paper. And in this situation we will have to come up with a new plan of action. Such small details make the world of The Last of Us liveliness and also teach players to think before you act. Enemy AI is not going to be the most trivial. Particularly intelligent actions from infected should not wait, but alive and healthy opponents are very different. They are able to assess the situation and choose the strategy of behavior, depending on many factors. Seeing you are in possession of a firearm, thugs will try to get around you from behind. If you are not well managed with a gun and constantly miss, the enemy can take a desperate attempt to break through to you despite the shots; if you surprisingly aptly strikes one head after another, opponents wisely surrendered. All this, of course, pleased, but also means that the game will force you to calculate every move. The gameplay becomes really realistic survival simulator where you need to consider many factors that impact on you and on your opponents. Even the simplest action like view the inventory will be done in real time, and the bandits will not miss the chance to put a bullet into your head while you are distracted.

Much attention the developers paid the acting and the character’s emotions. A story in which relationships are so important and expressed feelings will tell us in the faces of recognizable actors — Troy Baker (Troy Baker) and Ashley Johnson (Ashley Johnson). To remove all scenes involving them are popular used motion capture technology, thanks to which the characters look and behave realistically. The actors themselves are sometimes happy to spend time playing, helping developers to bring to mind some of the ideas and to smooth the roughness. At the recent gamescom 2012 representatives Naughty Dog has once again indicated that the cinematography is one of the main trumps of the project. Developers not only to create addictive gameplay, but also to force players to plunge into the game world, let them feel the atmosphere and to intermarry with the characters.