Review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown game

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Publishers today released a new turn-based tactical game — fear of financial failure, believing that they will be too difficult for the modern player.
High give the nod to the remakes of cult classics, but there purpose is to simplify and change the usual tactical system. Thus was born the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But what different they were. If the Germans after the surgery to remove the turn-based battle system is extremely lean, devoid of tactical voltage game, the Firaxis Games probably is not removed, and creatively re-interpreted, managed to save and still the complexity, power, and fascination. Well forgotten oldThe original X-COM: UFO Defense, released in 1993 year, not in vain several times voted the best computer game in history. Of course, it’s not that she suggested the fried theme: battles with aliens as part of a special organization XCOM, set up to coordinate the work of all the earth’s Nations to counter “foreign”. First, the game actually laid the foundations of the tactical genre. All these action points in turn-based mode, scuffling with each fighter individually, their “pumping”, distribution of orders during the pause, use of equipment, searching corpses in search of ammo and health, interception of stroke and the calculation of that probability, depending on the distance to the target and skills unit — it all went, of course, from Laser Squad, but entrenched, has received further development and recognition thanks to UFO Defense.
Secondly, a fascinating tactical battles in X-COM: UFO Defense was combined with the equally fascinating and in-depth strategic part that caused us to conduct a global card a lot of time: there we built and fully developed base, conducted the study, is knocked down or intercepted UFOs, was planning attacks on their strongholds, were negotiating with the countries that support XCOM bought planes and ships…

Naturally, after such a successful sequels followed, imitation and other clones. There were lots of X-COM: Terror From The Deep, X-COM: Apocalypse, UFO: Aftermath and a lot more then. But, perhaps, only UFO: Extraterrestrials for the 2007 year was the closest in spirit to the cult classics. When at the beginning of this year, the Studio Firaxis Games, compiled including the authors of the original X-COM: UFO Defense, announced the remake, it seemed that the classics from this there is little that will remain. The developers made it clear that some things from the original game will be demolished and a whole new iteration of XCOM will be more loyal to the player. All returned to base

As shown by the release, the game largely was really simplified, but what is surprising: it was not easier, but rather more dynamic. As before, the gameplay is divided into two parts: the tactical battle on the terrain and strategic vigil for global card. Only now the game offers without diffusing attention, trying to keep track of everyone and everything at the same time, and focus on more local things. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown we don’t need to build a bunch of bases all over the globe. Base just one, and built it for us developers in advance. Here everything is concentrated: the science lab, where we test samples of the aliens and their weapons, the coal mine, build power plants, and other protective modules, living quarters, where the recruit and train operatives XCOM. There is also the control center: here you can monitor the signal from regular attacks UFO, send a fighter plane to shoot down a flying saucer, or a rapid response team to clean up the crash site, capture the flag or aliens, for example, to prevent abductions and attacks on people in any city.

As you can see, in fact, everything that we loved the strategic part of UFO Defense, on the spot. Similarly we need a variety of resources, alien materials, engineers and scientists to discover new technologies to get access to new armor, jetpack, laser rifles and combat platforms. Similarly in the later stages of the game will have to grow from their fighters psionics, to equip the fighters with new weapons. And, finally, in the same way all of our actions affect the relationship of the various countries to XCOM — if we do not help them, there is increasing panic, and eventually the state may withdraw from the funding organization. My first companion

So what changed from what base we now have just one and do not need to build many amphibious ships (the whole game we fly on one)? Someone will certainly say that the developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown just take into account the intellectual level of the modern console generation, which, they say, it is difficult to disperse the attention and play large global strategy. This is only true in part. Actually, the authors didn’t just cut the number in one base they put us in tough conditions. Scope of tasks, research, and buildings here are not less but dependence on resources and the attitude of different countries has grown significantly. The player is constantly having to decide who to help and who not where to send the interceptor or the rapid response team, where you will have to ignore the disaster — as a result, the level of panic in many countries is growing rapidly and already at the initial stage of the game, many out of an organization. Will remain less than 8 countries — “the game will be over”.

Money is always not enough. Accordingly, there is still a lot of reasons for headaches: how to spend what research is more important that it is better to build now and what to postpone. And whether to sell alien artifacts on the grey market: on the one hand, they need to research and obtain new types of equipment, on the other — made a good profit, without which it will not work either to hire a fighter, nor to build a new plane…

In addition, there is a new concern. Instead of building bases around the world, now you need to run satellites that scan the airspace over a country and reduce the level of panic. And this again you need a lot of resources. Each satellite its weight in gold, and again you have to decide where to send it: in South Africa, for example, the panic level higher, but from the launch of the satellite over Russia will be more bonuses.

Finally, concentrating the action within the same database, the authors were able to make it more lively, filled with interesting characters that interact and argue with each other. And even introduced a storyline that puts the player in front of a specific task and adds tension.

The developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown didn’t simplify the game, and just shifted the focus from a few routine and repetitive micromanagement to more strenuous action. Neither tactics nor strategy in this case have not gone away, so the game captures and carries no less than before. And the fact that it became more entertaining, loyal to the player and intuitive (it is one thing to distribute multiple actions between 4 men, and quite another to calculate the 10 steps of each of 15 operatives) is in this case, all of us went only benefit. Because in this form we have received not a simulator of the nervous hysteria, and a dynamic, exciting and effective strategy. If you need such a simulator, I advise you to wait for Xenonauts.Pros: rethought, intuitive tactical system; permanent choice in tactics and strategy; the voltage on the global map, nice graphics, a spectacular system of destruction; the emergence of the storyline.
Cons: lack of point damage; reduction in species UFOs and fighter jets; sometimes too naughty camera in tactical battles.