Review Far Cry 3 game

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Game: Far Cry 3
Platform: PC, PS3, X360
Genre: action
Release date: 30 November 2012
Developer: Ubisoft Montréal, Ubisoft Massive
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
“Sandbox” in a large open world and fun, a real immersion in the game for a long time, these concepts were compatible about the same as Dolphin and mermaid from the famous song. In fact, still marry their only role-playing games from the series of “Gothic” and The Elder Scrolls, and that is only because there are developers emphasized rather than “sandbox”, and on a great, fun and hand-crafted world: Bethesda can afford to spend years and unlimited budgets.And here at action games that honestly tried to implement the game “sandbox”, that somehow it was a disaster. No matter how much they borrowed from role-playing games (side quests, branches of skills, better weapons, conversations for life at the bar), are still getting cloned, boring and artificial world, which was interesting only the first two hours. And this year Ubisoft has finally broken through. Years of training on two parts of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 2 gave shoots: new games in this series have turned out so, what about them now you can say the same thing about Skyrim is you want to live here. The adrenaline in the tropics

The main secret of success of Far Cry 3 is that here almost for the first time in “the sandbox”-the militants managed to unite the “sandbox” and a fascinating, entertaining story. Before either one of them was crooked implemented, or, more often, both limping on both legs. And in Far Cry 3 we see a scenario that is not equal to the background image and is not limited to three lines, and draws you to the screen is no worse than, for example, the movie “Crank”.

The comparison is not accidental. The story of how a group of young people went on vacation on a tropical island, and eventually was captured by local pirates and was almost entirely sold into slavery, just the same insanity, provocation, charisma, humor, irony, boundless imagination and drugs of different severity. And if the tie still raises questions (as a coward, easily impressed and had never held weapons in the hands of the guy without any preparation begins to cut and shoot right and left — not clear!), then it only remains delightfully to follow the development of events.Doctor who loves to eat mushrooms running amok bandit and his even more bloodthirsty boss, alleged CIA agent, some Indians headed sexy painted girl tattoos, hippie rebel ebony in glasses that all questions are answered in the spirit of “follow the way of the warrior, and the chakras will be revealed” — bright half-mad characters are complemented by similar missions. Trying to save his friends and family, we run through a minefield, run from a burning house, out of a sinking ship, storm the prison, down into the caves for hallucinogenic mushrooms, are traveling on their own visions no worse than max Payne and burn Napalm fields of marijuana.

Hunting, fishing and greed

But most importantly, all this staged, mad, teetering on the brink between promoting drug use, post-modernism and irony action gets along with open world, where, as before, you can go on all four sides. At first glance, compared to Far Cry 2 and other “playing in the sandbox” little has changed: the same luscious scenery where you really want to escape from the St. Petersburg winter, the same cloned coming from the times of Grand Theft Auto 3 side quests in the spirit of “send to the forefathers of that meanie, rasveti cargo or kill as many enemies as possible in the allotted time”, the confrontation between the two factions and the need to capture outposts. Finally, the same “cathouse” that serve as a save point and a supply warehouse. However, the developers have made a number of substantive amendments, due to which all this, it made sense. First, it now makes sense to capture outposts (plus towers that open up new pieces of territory): there are more enemies do not respawn, and each such point becomes your conduit.

Secondly, the authors are very well added to the game simulator hunter and herbalist. Here got its own ecosystem, in which in different places of the map is inhabited by different animals and grow different plants. Last-I use to do all sorts of medicines and potions. But all of these boars, deer, leopards, lizards, dogs, sheep and buffaloes are worn in tropical meadows, fields and rivers for a reason, and again with meaning. Every animal here is not only detail, creating the right atmosphere, but 3-4 pounds of useful resources. Us, as in “Gothic”, is literally forced to hunt and skinned, because then they can make a lot of vital things, which allows to increase the capacity of a backpack, purse, belt for grenades or potions. At first we can’t even carry more than one weapon. Want more — be kind, overwite a couple of sheep!

Thirdly, to explore the world, cloned to perform tasks, capture and discover new parts of the map you want because all it brings money. And they are in Far Cry 3 need as: the prices of weapons and upgrades to the “trunks” frankly bite. The difficulty gradually increases, and therefore there is always something to spend money. Of course, with a strong desire to pass the story, especially without the distraction of hunting, herbalism, gathering, and minor errands, but this would be harder than in other “sandbox”games.

Yes, and the world beckons, and addictive. This, of course, not Skyrim, but somewhere near here: you can accidentally stumble upon some abandoned temples and caves, to see how tiger kills a Buffalo, and the dogs happily chasing sheep, to listen to interesting conversations between NPCs or notice, scolds like a pimp about a prostitute of a brothel. And besides the same type of quests there are more interesting and even ironic the job: one of them, for example, is a parody of “Romeo and Juliet”. Kill me fun

However, even if Far Cry 3 was not a rollicking story and the living world, we still would have appreciated it — actually, for action. Here is banal interesting to shoot, to kill, quietly sneak behind and use a variety of weapons (from knives and pistols to the crossbow and flamethrower!). Shooter from game turned out the same bright, crazy, inventive and charismatic as the plot. For example, you can open the cage and pull down on the enemy tiger or burn one Bush or house and see how the fire engaged in everything, including you and podzharivayutsya opponents on the run.

In addition, three branches of skills not only allow more effective use of medications, run faster, longer swim under water or economical to collect herbs, but very showy and open methods of slaughter. You can jump from roofs and ladders, enemies, kill them one after another in a deadly stab combo, and then take the pin out of the grenade in the pocket of the corpse and throw the body to the other.

The enemies are extremely smart and resourceful, they are willing to use the same grenades and chase you on jeeps, so fighting them is a pleasure. Here is that during the hide and seek opponents openly blunt and are almost always standing with his back to you and even a couple of meters did not notice peripheral vision.

Finally, complement optimistic picture multiplayer and co-op, which also turned out very rich and showy: the co-op is a separate mode with new, but no less vivid characters, and in multiplayer you, among other things, can be dropped by enemies hallucinogenic gases, causing them to attack each other. In short, Far Cry 3 this year could easily take the title of game of the year. Not bright action, the living world, the style and fascinating story — all of which we individually saw and other equally strong candidates. And for what it all here coexists in harmony.

Pros: excellent plot, charismatic characters; the living world; spectacular shootout.
Cons: a lot of the same side quests, docked stealth; rare “bugs”.