Editor’s Choice: The “interstellar” Game

Let’s say this straight: those who watched and appreciated by a new film masterpiece directed by Christopher Nolan, interstellar, understand that no product is “explanation” with the best intentions, and the quality performance can match with the movie. But, as the French say, “noblesse oblige”, meaning “Noblesse oblige”. Such landmark cinema as “interstellar” can’t do without related marketing products, one of which is the eponymous mobile game.

Will try to do without spoilers, but will mention from the position of attending the film premiere to the movie itself there are not many moments that would look good in a game adaptation of the film “interstellar” is, in fact, and not about space film even, but about people. And the game, surprisingly, not even trying to repeat the plot of the miracle called “the interstellar”, it simply moves in a different direction — we are asked to travel on a space ship “Endurance” in different galaxies, and also to participate in the creation of small particles of the Universe. Intrigued?

Mobile “interstellar” in many ways radically different from the original, which is on his hand — the history of the cinema here does not even smell, we are in the company of other players will create from nothing own perfect space world fit for people. Perhaps, the game and the film “interstellar” have in common the design of the spaceship, but otherwise they just differ dramatically. The mobile games even there is no plot as such — we just travel the boundless space. But who said that this is not enough?

Gameplay game “interstellar” stands out among several other space games their fellow — tasks to be done in a scientific way, with the observance of physical laws and consistently with the computational data. Not everything boils down to a simple piloting — to explore even a small area of space, you will need to lay a trajectory to fly through the wormhole, to calculate the amount of fuel used… Affairs of a newly-born space pilot-engineer would just bulk, so you need to take immediately — “interstellar” is, in fact, did not for fun.

“Interstellar”, though briefly, provides an invaluable opportunity to feel the Creator of all things, in this case pronounced one of the galactic system. You can customize the planet under your settings — fill them with the materials, change the size, color, options of the rings, the presence of satellites and asteroids… Creative person will enjoy. But for the fact that his own planet from scratch you can in an instant destroy colorfully, it can take some time — at least you’ll finally.

However, the main advantage of mobile “Interstellar” is not even in slow gameplay, and in the appearance of what is happening — the game is entirely physics-based, there is no more or less visible the active process does not occur with violation of the laws of reality, everything is subject to constant gravitational postulates. For the prepared person, the special education does not have, “interstellar” may look like a pretty decent model of building space.

The amazement of “interstellar” was not the worst game based on a movie (relatively speaking). Putting aside the plot twists and turns, which still would have looked bad in game format, the developers of the mythology of the film “interstellar” managed to create a good model of the Universe, obey all reasonable laws of physics. If to shut eyes to technical problems that occur when you start the game, then “interstellar” is rightfully receives the title of “mobile space”.